We're Developing the Future of Web3 with AI

At ChainAI, we’re at the forefront of Web3 innovation, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to enhance security, optimize efficiency, and unlock new earning opportunities for users and companies alike. 

Securing the Ecosystem for All

Safeguard your investments with our advanced AI-powered detection systems.

Fraud Detection with AI
Active since 04.02.2023
Rug Pull Detection with AI
Active since 30.03.2024
Wallet Auditor
Active since 01.09.2023
Smart Telegram Bot
Active since 01.12.2023
Smart Discord Bot
Active since 01.04.2024
API Connections
Active since 01.05.2023

Bringing AdTech to Web3

Experience the future of marketing with our advanced Web3 User Analytics and Segmentation tools,
designed to enhance targeting and engagement.

Web3 User Analytics
Active since 08.09.2023
User Segmentation and 1:1 Targeting
Active since 01.02.2024

Fixed-term Borrowing and Lending

Experience predictability and security in your crypto lending and borrowing
with our fixed-term, fixed-interest solutions.

Fixed-term Borrowing
Active since 01.09.2020
Fixed Income Funds
Active since 22.04.2022
Fixed-rate Leveraged Staking
Active since 01.05.2024
Credit Scoring with AI
Active since 01.05.2021
Credit as a Service API
Active since 01.05.2022

Invest in Tomorrow with ChainAI

Purchase or stake SmartCredit tokens to join our community of forward-thinking investors. You can benefit from attractive returns while supporting the growth and security of decentralized finance.

Token that has real use cases.
Join our ecosystem, earn even more.
Earning Strategies
Active since 01.07.2023

Our Projects


ChainAware.ai is a platform by ChainAI that predicts crypto wallet activities, segments wallets, and monitors transactions for enhanced security and marketing. ChainAware.ai has been active since 2022.


SmartCredit.io is a decentralized lending platform providing fixed-interest and fixed-term crypto loans, enabling borrowers and lenders to optimize returns. SmartCredit.io has been active since 2020.


ChainAware.ai is an advanced AI models platform by ChainAI that predicts future activities with of crypto wallet owners, segments existing wallets, and monitors transactions. It offers products like Behavioral User Segmentation, Wallet Auditor, and Crypto Credit Scoring.

SmartCredit.io is a decentralized lending platform by ChainAI that offers fixed-interest rates and fixed-term borrowing for cryptocurrencies. It allows borrowers to enjoy predictable interest rates and lenders to benefit via fixed-income funds.

Our AI Fraud Detector and AI Rug Pull Detector utilizes advanced AI models to analyze transaction patterns and detect suspicious activities in real-time, helping to protect users from potential fraud and rug pulls in the cryptocurrency market.

We have 2 projects and 14 products, and we’re adding new products every quarter.

Yes, ChainAI offers earning opportunities through fixed-term leveraged staking and SMARTCREDIT token staking, allowing users to generate passive income with their cryptocurrency holdings. Additionally, we have developed several earning strategies for you.

Absolutely. ChainAI smart contracts have been audited by Pessimistic and ImmuneBytes. ChainAI prioritizes security in all our products and solutions. Our platforms are built with the latest encryption and security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of our users’ data and transactions.

For more detailed information about our products and services, you can visit the specific product websites, such as ChainAware.ai and SmartCredit.io.

To get started with ChainAI, you can visit our website, explore our solutions, and connect with Metamask for the services that best suit your needs. Additionally, you can buy SMARTCREDIT tokens via 1Inch to participate in our success.

About Us

ChainAI is a leading company in the Web3 space, developing AI-driven solutions for cryptocurrency users and companies. Our products include AI Fraud and Rug Pull Detectors, AI-based AdTech Solutions, and Fixed-Term Crypto Borrowing and Lending.

Our mission is to make cryptocurrency secure for everyone. We aim to protect users and businesses in the rapidly evolving crypto space by offering advanced AI-driven solutions.

Our primary innovation is the predictive crypto fraud score, developed by the SmartCredit.io team, which analyzes blockchain addresses and interaction patterns in real-time to detect potential fraud

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